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Bredan Elevator Consultants

The Gold Standard in Independent Elevator Audits & Reporting

Bredan Elevator Consultants has been in business since 1987. We specialize in independent elevating devices: technical audits, due diligence, maintenance evaluations, insurance investigations, accident investigations, preparation of construction, maintenance and modernization specifications and tenders, final inspections, progress billing verifications and project management.

We prepare traffic studies for vertical transportation, special handicapped provisions for elevators and special care/hospital features. Bredan Elevator Consultants Inc. has no ties or affiliations in any way or form to any of the elevating devices manufacturers and installers.

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Unbiased & Independent Elevator Reporting

BREDAN ELEVATOR CONSULTANTS was formed to provide building developers, owners or managers an unbiased and totally independent report on their Investment, any elevator or escalator.

We provide you with the facts and with recommendations that allow you to make educated decisions for modernizations, up-grades or type of equipment We use the 36 years of elevating devices, electrical and electronic knowledge and experience from education, work, training and teaching in Europe, Africa, USA, Ottawa, London, St. Catharine’s, Windsor, Sudbury, Kitchener, Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

Our Team

Meet Our Expert Team

Get to know the exceptional individuals who make up our expert team, bringing their extensive knowledge and experience to deliver top-quality elevator services.

Kaidan Byrd

Ryan Melanson


Dean Parker

Over 50 Years of Experience & Knowledge

With over 50 years of experience and knowledge in the elevator industry, our team possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in elevator systems, ensuring you receive expert guidance and solutions.

Our wealth of experience enables us to tackle even the most complex elevator challenges with confidence and efficiency.

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